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        Researched, Written and Edited by:
        Matt Birch, Adam Chodzko,
        Grace McNamee, Marco Peralta,
        Noah Scott, Sydney Nash, Adam Cali,
        Amanda Kropp, Peggy Berroa-Morales,
        Shane Demmitt, Brett Crane
        and Aaron Wiedeman
        Graphic Design and Layout:
        Nikki Haroldson, Rich Esteban,
        Danny LeClaire and Dominique Badajoz

        Team Photography:
        Blaine Ohigashi
        Ricardo Zapata
        Additional Photography:
        V.J. Lovero, John Cordes, Getty Images,
        Major League Baseball, Associated Press,
        Sports Illustrated, Getty Images,
        Tom Donoghue, Scott Clarke, Jerald Gibbs,
        Ron Hastings, Howard Levine, Lou Sauritch
        and Jordan Murph

        Statistical Information:
        STATS Perform, Elias Sports Bureau,
        MLB Information Systems, Player Profiles,
        SABR, Major League Baseball, Fangraphs,
        ESPN Stats & Info, Baseball Reference,
        Baseball Savant and Retrosheet

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